Grout repair works in Dubai


Grout repair works

Are you facing paint peel off problems, on the interior walls, across your home? Or getting paint blisters or bubbles? Then, it is purely adhesion issue, which causes these problems. These paint blisters or bubbles happens due to moisture on the walls. The paint film leaves the concrete surface, due to humidity on the wall.

In below image, you can see the problems on the wall.

paint blisters and peeling off from walls

Sometimes, paint blisters or bubbles can be due to molds. But, the chances are that the color will turn black or brown.

In general, the problems are due to the moisture. It either comes from washrooms or associated floors. Moreover, it is always advisable to have a slope, in the restroom towards the floor drain. So, after using it, the water does not stay more than 5 minutes on the floor.

If the washroom has no drainage issue, then it is the grout which plays an important role. For worn out and damaged floor or wall grout, you need to remove the grout immediately and apply a waterproof grout.

Below is the procedure we followed for grout repair works.

  • Removing emulsion paint from plaster walls
    Removing emulsion paint from plaster walls

    Removing emulsion paint from plaster walls:- First of all, we need to remove all the peeling of colors from the plaster walls and make it thoroughly dust free surface as per the below image. After cleaning, the paints from the damaged surface, it will be clear, from where the moisture is coming?

After cleaning the damaged wall surface, we must do the moisture test. The easiest way to detect the moisture is to apply polythene sheet, sealed with masking tape, across the affected area. Leave it for a day, if water appears on the sheet. Then, we need to find out the reason for the problem.

For proper adhesion, we need to use a solvent-based penetrating primer. 

  • grout cleaning service in Dubai
    grout cleaning service in Dubai

    Grout Repair works

For grout repair works, first, we need to remove all loose grout and clean it with the vacuum. Then the application of waterproof grout.

In below video, you see the grout removal process.

Tile and grout cleaning in Dubai.


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