Blog: Small Backyard Landscape Design

Algebra Contracting often receives inquiries about landscape design, and clients worry that they have a tiny garden. In Dubai, we saw many communities with small back yards.

In the United Arab Emirates, it is essential to have a piece of oasis in your villa. Talking about the backyard, big isn’t always associated with a good thing.

As long as you can organize it into beautiful small backyard landscaping ideas, the tiny space also can be as enjoyable as the big one. Nonetheless, it requires minimal maintenance compared to the big backyard. Since it needs less treatment, of course, it will save much of your budget. Besides, a low- budget backyard can be mesmerizing as well. All you need to do is pay attention to the detail. Sometimes, trivial things can become a “wow factor” if you know what to do.

If you still dont have an idea what kind of design to implement, then you are in right place. Contact Algebra Contracting!


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