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Design and build contracts could answer the questions that clients have been asking about.
How to shorten the amount of time construction projects take and reduce the amount of risk they are exposed. Clients are utilizing a variety of procurement tactics not to allow them to get in the ground as fast as possible. But also to cut their exposure to risk as the construction industry in Dubai, especially the UAE, becomes more sophisticated.

A project’s design and construction phases may combine into one contract by using the design and build service offered by many fit-out firms. This contract may refer to as a “Turnkey Solution” contract depending on the context. Many times, these agreements may help customers save both time and money. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing a design and build contract. As well as some strategies for making the decision-making process as simple and uncomplicated as is possible. Even if some considerations need to be taken into account when selecting a design and build contract.

There are several benefits to using design and build contracts

The consultant and the contractor are now considered members of the same team. This change in dynamic shifts their relationship from one of competition to one that is more focused on working together. Because of this, the team focuses on completing the job rather than placing blame.

The primary contractor and their team are responsible for everything related to the project. Including but not limited to its appearance, cost, and the amount of time it will take to finish. The quality of the construction information, the cost, and the schedule, including the construction sequence, tend to get greater attention during the design phase. It is when the project is constructed by the same team that plans it.

Since the Design & Build team engages from beginning to end.  There is a deeper and more constant understanding of the employer’s genuine needs.

For Design & Build to function, the team must have experience. A supportive organizational structure, and a proactive, team-oriented approach to resolve any issues. The top Design & Build firms have architecture, structural professionals, and facades. It enables the principal contractor to lead from an educated and experienced position. It ensures project success and growth.

Design & Build reduces industrial conflict. When the major contractor brings time and cost into the design process early on. Everyone must confront a reality that is often left until the conclusion of the conventional bidding process. All parties lose time and money when expensive value engineering activities are done.

Because it’s a group effort, participants are more likely to express what’s necessary rather than what they think others want to hear. The project can remain on schedule, and the customer may make well-informed choices at the right moment. All thanks to this transparency.

Do you think design-build is a suitable choice for a project?

Design Mart Contracting Interiors has discovered that design-build works successfully in the following sectors

  • Commercial
  • Food & Beverage
  • Residential
  • Villa Construction
  • Tourism
  • Retail

Commercial fit-out projects, Interior fit-out and design services in Dubai, and food & beverage fit-out projects with many locations often use the design and build method. As it simplifies the sourcing and delivery of complicated projects in a shorter amount of time. It lowers cost than would be possible using more conventional methods.

The secret to completing any project effectively and giving the client the utmost happiness is collaborating with the correct team from the outset. Design Mart is a Dubai-based company that offers high-quality commercial, residential, and villa interior design services.

Finding the right design and construction company

To identify the proper design-build contractor, ask questions about design and construction. When looking for design and build contractors for an interior design fit-out. You should focus on finding those that are credible, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Check the company’s portfolio and prior comparable initiatives, and consider the following factors:

  • Project duration
  • Project value
  • Project quality and finish
  • Their typical elements
  • The project’s final touches
  • True clients and partners
  • Customer feedback

It’s a good idea to view and even visit some of the design and build contractors’ prior work before hiring them.

The design-build approach requires teamwork to execute a quality project on schedule and within budget. We are built on trust, cooperation, shared leadership, and innovative problem-solving. Our design and Build approach aims to be a highly collaborative, and fully integrated process. It may save customers time and money. Since Design Mart has finished several projects in the past and is working on other projects using a Design & Build contract. We often provide some of the most cutting-edge interior fit-out design services to our customers in Dubai.


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