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Finding the best interior design companies in Dubai is a daunting task to do. Because in Dubai or in the United Arab Emirates, you will find 100+ interior designing companies that offer interior design solutions. But you can not trust anyone, so we solve this problem and present you with the 10 best interior design companies in the United Arab Emirates. You can check out the customer reviews and their work satisfaction before choosing the best interior design company in Dubai.

Let’s Talk About The 10 best interior design companies in Dubai

In this modern era of 2023, everyone is concerned about the renovation of space, where they live or they work. So choose the best company among these mentioned below interior design companies in Dubai and enjoy the everlasting interior solutions. Let’s jumps to see the 10 best interior design companies in the United Arab Emirates

1-Muse Design L.L.C

interior design companies in Dubai

Muse Design is the first interior design company in Dubai to specialize in interior design, residential design, office design, including kitchen, bathroom, rooms, and many more. By taking into account customer satisfaction, Muse Design delivers extensive services. 

“Be inspired by your surroundings”

The Muse Interior Design company Dubai reaches a level of excellence in creating interior masterpieces. The professionals’ interior design work speaks for itself. The designers of muse design are to assist you in this regard. They help distill your taste and ideas into a space-friendly design.

Why You Trust Muse Interior Designs In Dubai? 

  • Adequate project planning.
  • Professional evaluation and study of feasibility.
  • Well-qualified and experienced liaison, professional and well.
  • Improved use of time and money-saving resources.
  • Dynamic, innovative, and high-quality designs
  • Expectations Find with WOW Factor in reality. Aesthetic ravishing!

Muse design being the best interior design company in the United Arab Emirates offers comprehensive solutions for interior design. Since many of Dubai’s leading interior design companies can deliver excellent results, modern interior design Dubai services are quite affordable here. 

Muse Interior Designer Dubai is an expert and dedicated team of professionals. These professionals are trained and certified. Their team is their core which simplifies and facilitates the process. You follow the design process carefully to reflect the story by making skeptical and outstanding designs that attract your space. So for your next interior designing project choose Muse Interior Design. 

Contacts Info

Phone number:  +971553573290

Email address: info@musedesign.ae

Address: Tamani arts Tower – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

2-Baniyas Furniture

interior design companies in Dubai

Baniya Furniture is among the second-best interior design companies in the United Arab Emirates offering furniture, carpets, rugs, and products of the highest quality to meet your requirements. You will probably get the best interior designing solutions here, whether you’re seeking office furniture, home furniture, sisal carpets, modern rugs, or whatever. 

“Intelligent design for every lifestyle”

They know customers’ needs and ensure that their clients get the best services. For more than 30 years they have made furniture and now in the mobilizing sector, they have made their name. Baniyas Furniture furnishings are unique, elegant, and cozy. Baniyas Furniture delivers free of charge home delivery throughout the UAE. They also assist their respected customers with installation services. 

Reasons to choose Baniyas Furniture as your interior designer!

  • Each of the products ensures high-quality craftsmanship.
  • They have a dedicated customer service team.
  • In Dubai, they offer the best and most economical solutions for furniture.
  • With a 45-day replacement warranty, they provide high-quality top furniture.

When someone arrives in your home or office, they first look at the interior before interacting. Get the best office interior service from the Interior Design Companies In Dubai. You are sure you will deal with your customer if the office is welcoming and attractive. Furniture plays an important role in making every interior look and breaking it. 

Make your office look stylish, appealing, and elegant by getting the best furniture from Baniyas Furniture. They offer a variety of comfortable, modern sofas, elegant beds, soft covers, custom headboards, etc. So to buy the best furniture, dive into the Baniyasfurniture. ae.  

Contact Info:

Phone number:  +971554722980 , 043 299 456

Email address: info@baniyasfurniture.ae

Adress: Fixit design carpet and curtains Showroom number 33, Al Quoz 1st

3-Green Grass

interior design companies in Dubai

Greengrass.ae is the third-best interior design company in Abu Dhabi which offers greenery solutions to make you’re interior more appealing. Besides this Green Grass also offers all types of interior solutions ranging from curtains to wallpapers. Green Grass has been in this area for over 20 years and is an expert in the manufacture and delivery of high-end artificial grass at the right price.

“Transform your house to heaven”

The natural appearance of the grass is displayed in their Artificial Grass Dubai. It is designed to meet the highest standards of quality. You can find many other options on the market and get confused by the vast artificial grass. Their considerations include the look, the shape of the flavor, the density, the look, and the weight of the grass.  Well, to satisfy you, in Abu Dhabi, they offer their customers free samples of all their services. 

Reasons to choose Green Grass as your interior designer partner. 

  • On artificial grass, they offer a lifetime guarantee.
  • On the residential and commercial levels, they offer cost-efficient decorative solutions.
  • Their versatile product makes it easy for artificial grass in the design of architects.

In Dubai (UAE), their professional expertise of the best interior design companies in Dubai has made so many commercial and residential projects that they are still working on many new projects. The variety of their products and services is beautiful, new, and gives every place it is placed a fresh look which can cope with the high traffic level it is placed in. Their product not only looks real but is soft to touch, made of fine fiber that looks natural.

With a wide range of technical and technological interior designing solutions, they also offer a solution for landscaping projects that is perfect decorative and simple to maintain.

Contact Info:

Phone number:  0506181310, +971554722980

Email address: info@greengrass.ae

Address:  Green Grass Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33.

4-Fixit Dubai 

interior design companies in Dubai

Now talk about the fourth well-known interior designing company which is Fixit Dubai. If you want to fix your interior solutions then, Fixit Dubai provides the on-time fixing of your solutions whether you want to fix your curtains, carpets, rugs, or any other interior at your residential or commercial place. Fixit Dubai comes to your place and gives free doorstep services, which is going to be done for you. 

“Giving your Home a new Style Every Style”

Now is the time to test Fixit Dubai services and to guarantee that your interior designing experience will be the best that you can get from any other organization. All services have been tested by their experts and they know their limitations. Fixit Dubai’s professional packing service is the first stage. This is particularly useful for those who have not or do not wish for the first time to hire someone. The recipients know the situation thoroughly.

Why Fixit Dubai is Perfect For Your Interior Solutions?

  • Each of the products ensures high-quality craftsmanship.
  • They have a dedicated customer service team.
  • Well-qualified and experienced liaison, professional and well.
  • Improved use of time and money-saving resources.
  • Dynamic, innovative, and high-quality designs. 

The customers’ feedback is the only thing which they care about and that means to them all. Fix it Dubai, therefore, fulfills its task with extreme dedication and commitment. Therefore, the customers have always provided them with positive feedback. The Fixit Dubai company’s only ambition is to never deceive the client.

In the Top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, Fixit Dubai is not just a common provider who fulfills its tasks. They are instead a dedicated group of people who want to make life much easier for people living in Dubai and all over the United Arab Emirates. In addition, they have provided their services to various office buildings, hotels, and household buildings. 

Their work is done only when the customer is satisfied with the work and they fix it. They are still busy fulfilling their task until then. The trust of their customers is what is most sacred to them. Fix it Dubai is one of the best! So the company you can trust blindly for your interior solutions is one and only “Fixit Dubai”. 

Contact Info:

Phone number: 971 5063 79229

Email address: info@fixitdubai.ae


Dubai Showroom:

Fixit design carpet and curtainsShowroom number 33, Al Quoz 1st

Abu Dhabi Showroom:

Behind FAB bank and Abu Dhabi municipality ONLINE FURNITURE LLC showroom

5-St Design 

interior design companies in Dubai

Let’s talk about the number five among the best interior design companies in the United Arab Emirates, which is ST Design.  ST interior Design is a multifunctional design studio established by Italian designer Stefano Tordiglione. His artistic direction is an intuitive blend of East and West. He remained aware of design trends and respected his Italian origins as well as local Asian cultures. St Design is committed to offering smart, elegant, and customer-friendly design. They provide professional interior design and architectural services with multidisciplinary activities. 

“St Designs Provide The designs you will crave for”

Basically, the design process is driven by creativity. Their passion is to translate every customer into space and bring its unique needs and requirements. It stimulates them. This energy is how they use it and distinguishes them from other designers. 

Prominent Services Of St Design:

  • Care and understand customers needs 
  • Professional interior designers
  • Trustworthy Interior designing company 
  • Work on commercial as well residential projects. 

The values, expectations, and history of their customers are in confidence. They offer distinct intuition to develop in harmony with their true identity, driven by industrial knowledge and research. That’s what they have in mind. St Design begins each project again and listens to the unique needs of their customers to create their personalized design. This gives each of the areas its own distinctive feature, an elegance that truly matches every day. 

6- 4Space Interior Design

interior design companies in Dubai

4Space is the 6th best interior firm in best interior design companies in Dubai. 4Space interior designing is not the same as other luxury design firms. They have a dedicated and multi-talented team of professional teams, which comes with a deep understanding of the unique challenges of luxury design.

With consistent delivery of innovative interior and space designs for nearly all applications, be it for the restaurant, they always bring customer satisfaction.

Their expertise entails:

  • Residential interior design
  • Shop interior design 
  • Restaurant design 
  • Retail interior design
  • Home & Villa interior design

4Space interior design is one of the most respected companies in the region with over 15 years of industry expertise. Their interior designers in Dubai have contributed to the creation of environments that inspire and influence users by offering the local industry a wide range of practical experiences, for shopping, business and entertainment, or for living areas.

“4Space interior design Innovate you, Innovate your home”

Their interior designers in Dubai collaborate with you to understand your space needs and clearly allow them to develop an overview of the cost and time frame in order to make a sound decision. Their expert interior design works with you to understand your space needs and demands in a comprehensive and in-depth plan that provides an overview of costs and time for good decisions.

Contact Info:

Phone number:  +971 4 438 5537

Email address: info@4space.ae

Address: Unit No. 3508, HDS Business Center, Cluster M, Jumeirah Lake Towers, P.O. Box 334435 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

7-VSHD Design 

interior design companies in Dubai 

An entirely famous firm offering extremely superior interior designing services all around the UAE. This Company is one of the best Interior Design Companies In Dubai. This company is known for its diverse services in terms of residential and commercial interior designing projects. Standing as the priority choice for a huge number of customers this company has set up standards for multiple other interior designing firms. 

Let’s just give you a quick overview of VSHD Design services:

  • Creative and appealing Design 
  • High-quality interior accessories
  • Offers proper expert consultation 
  • Properly planned work strategy 
  • Exceptional design with the complementing assortments. 
  • Designing team is capable of designing custom designs
  • All interior services are done at incredibly reasonable rates
  • Do offer after-sales services to their customers

This incredibly outstanding firm is most commonly known for its out-of-the-box services. The interior designing team is outstandingly creative to transform any bold and bare space into a heavenly oasis. 

8- Anarchitect

interior design companies in Dubai

Anarchitect is also among the best interior design companies in the United Arab Emirates, UAE which specializes in providing custom projects for private and corporate clients across the world.  An architect has received several awards for its architecture, interior architecture and design practise based in Dubai. 

Their diversity of buildings spanning the entire Middle East, including residential, leisure, hospitality, workplaces, and cultures. Established in 2013, this practice demonstrates architecture at various levels with superlative craftsmanship, detail and materiality. 

Let’s talk about the expertise of An Architect’s interior design company. 

  • Offers proper expert consultation 
  • Each of the products ensures high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Properly planned work strategy 
  • Dynamic, innovative, and high-quality designs

Every discipline – architecture, interior, and design – applies in equal measure in order to create highly determined buildings, spaces, and objects that are beautifully balanced in their shapes. An architect is one of the best Interior Design Companies In Dubai

Contact Info:

Phone number:  +971 (0)4 424 5079

Email address: info@Anarchitect.com

Address: Office 2902, Marina Plaza Dubai Marina UAE, P.O.Box 5000311

9-Artizan Interior Design

interior design companies in Dubai

The next top interior designing company in Dubai is Artizan Interior Design. Artisan Interior Design can provide the most helpful solutions for your indoor spaces and will remedy every problem that customers normally experience with dim lighting, color discord, structural defects, and small rooms.

Artisan Interior Design offers some legit beneficial services to their customers. Let’s glance at them;

sunbeds, tables for dining, office tables, cozy chairs, loveseats, sunbeds, and twisting battery piles, etc. 

  • Distinct illumination systems: 

state-of-the-art environment systems, workplace systems, accent, and decorative lighting systems using the most advanced lighting technology.

All your fancies, no matter the building you have, will be realized by Artizan. Say only to Artizan Interior Design.

The best design services in Dubai, UAE, and the world are provided by Artizan Interior Designing. This position on the market has been taken over by its various, best-quality, and timely services that attract renowned Dubai customers. 

The huge projects that the Interior Design Companies In Dubai have carried out are consistent with the beauty and modernity of the city and have made our customers the most trendy. 

Artisan’s well-trained and qualified personnel, including engineers, designers, architects, and 3D designers, have achieved this level of expertise, which is capable of carrying out tasks no matter how large, complicated, and detailed they were. The company takes responsibility for Artizan interior design

Contact Info:

Phone number: +971 5 095 855 83

Address:UAE , Dubai Business Bay – Lake Central Tower,

10-Belhasa Interiors

interior design companies in Dubai

Last but not least among the Best Interior Design Companies In The United Arab Emirates is Belhasa Interiors. Belhasa Interiors, the creative design subsidiary of SBH, is a leading Dubai-based studio of design, sustainability, and versatility. Belhasa Interiors has used a wealth of resources in the region to design and manage over 50 prominent residential, commercial and governmental clients as well as 200 projects in all regions including The Mercato Mall Chocolate Bar, Studio 8 on Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue, Money Kick’s Headquarters and boats at So. 

“Belhasa Interiors are multitasked profession that creates any land in a beautiful creation

So Belhasa Interiors are one of the largest and most diverse holding groups in the region. Belhasa Interiors is a leading interior design company in Dubai and is known for the creation of contemporary, culturally iconic, and natural experiences. Our extensive range of design services and an entrepreneurial design approach allow us to serve our clients’ aspirations in a versatile and resourceful way.

Contact Info:

Phone number: +971 4 557 5508

Email address: contact@belhasainteriors.com

Adress: 206, Al Barsha Boutique Building, Dubai

To Conclude:

We hope this article is literally helpful for you, we provide you with the complete information of the 10 best interior design companies in the United Arab EmiratesRead their reviews and choose among the best interior design companies in Dubai. According to our expert Muse Design, Baniyas Furniture, Green grass, and Fixit Dubai are the best interior design companies in Abu Dhabi, because these companies offer reliable interior designing solutions. 

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