5 Creative Woodworking Ideas for Your Home in Dubai


Wood is probably the most versatile decorating element to work with. Every beautiful home carries some kind of wooden work that gives it a cleaner and sophisticated look. Using wood as interior designing element brings warmth and coziness to the home.

If you have not incorporated wood in the interior design of your home then you are missing out on a beautiful design that can transform your home into a masterpiece. But don’t worry as they say, “It is never too late”.

In this article, we have listed out 5 creative woodworking projects that don’t require much work but can add the new charm to your home. Read on and pick up the one you would try.

1. Zigzag corner wall wooden shelves

Zigzag corner wall shelf - Taskmasters Dubai

This is a small wooden piece of work and yet it has a profound effect on the overall look of the room. You can arrange books, picture frames and many other things on it. Make sure you consult some expert carpenter in Dubai to get this done.

You can be creative with the colours and things you want to decorate this zigzag shelf with.

2. Floating desk.

Beautiful floating desk with computer - Taskmasters Dubai

Floating desks not only look very cool but also take the comparatively lesser amount of space. Whether you want to set it up inside your reading room or home office, it looks great in every kind of space.

There are numerous designs you or your hired carpenter can come up with. Also, you can try different colours that perfectly suit your room’s environment.

You can search for the designs on the Internet or you can ask your carpenter to come up with the customized design that fits your taste and style. This is a delicate piece of work and you might want to hire some reputed carpentry services in Dubai to get this job done

3. Coffee table

A coffee table is yet another piece of wooden work that beautifies the space around it. Non-wooden coffee tables are cheaper and available in abundance but they don’t offer the flexibility in terms of design and customisation.

Just a look across the internet will flood your brain with customised design ideas and inspirations. Besides this, you can have this table made at less amount of money as it requires less wood and work.

wooden coffee table - Taskmasters Dubai

And not only for coffee, but you can also practically put anything that you want on this table. You can put some decorating element, books etc.

Wooden coffee table with books and sofa - Taskmasters Dubai

4. Book wall cabinet

If your room is completely lacking any kind of wooden work, then setting up a book wall cabinet is one of the perfect ideas to try. This task doesn’t require much work and is easily done by most of the professional carpenter in Dubai.

With book wall cabinet, you get the two decorating elements in a single move. One is the wall cabinet itself and the other being the books.

No doubt this is a very simple idea but it really an elegant one and deserves consideration. Are you going to try this? Lets us know in the comments down below.

wall book cabinet - Taskmasters Dubai

5. Wooden Mirror

There must be a mirror in your home then why not surround it with some wooden work? That would be a great idea. There are a lot of designs you can try and make sure you consult some professional carpentry services in Dubai that can do it for you.

wooden round mirror - Taskmasters Dubai

It is time that you turn those boring mirrors into the awesome masterpieces.

These were some of the woodworking projects that you can try. We hope you liked them and picked up the one you are going to try. If you further need any consultation regarding carpentry works in Dubai then we, at Taskmasters, are ready to help you.


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