Awesome Tiles and Marble Designs You Would Love!


And here we are with another design post for 2019…

We get it that your home, especially kitchens and bathrooms aren’t something that you can rip apart every year. These are quite permanent design decisions that are financed by “heaps of your money”.

The tile designs mentioned in this blog have and are gaining popularity at interior design expos- in newly designed homes and hotels. And the designs we are talking about aren’t the zany ones. When it comes to trends and style, we want to make sure you’re getting a well-rounded opinion. Don’t order piles of white tiles for your next renovation before reading this. We promise these tiles designs are both cool and modish.

Here’s a look at what we are anticipating for you in 2019:

1. Wood-Look Tile Flooring

Wood like tile flooring - Task Masters

It’s no surprise that the current natural wood looks are just the hottest thing in the flooring market. Manufacturers, nowadays, are imitating all the hottest wood flooring trends with textured looks and everything. The newest texture trends in both solid hardwood and wood lookalikes in 2019 include-

Wire-Brushed- It shows the appearance of subtle, intentional wire scratches that leave the “heart” of the “wood” exposed to the surface. They are more consistent and smoother than hand-scrapped and distressed wood looks.

Hand-Scrapped- These tiles feature the appearance of long, ingrained scrapes with high variation, making each plank look handcrafted and unique.

Distressed- They appear to have been through a lot of wear and tear. You can expect scrapes, burns, knots, wormholes giving it an aged and antique look.

Wood look is taking the center edge. Choose these stunning yet durable wood tiles flooring to headline your design!

2. Marble-Look Tile Flooring

Marble Flooring - Task Masters Dubai

Marble is back baby!

It’s easy to see why marble-look tiles have the design world buzzing. They’re reasonably priced, low-maintenance and almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Bright, clean, sophisticated marble floors have been one of the hottest gems on the flooring market for eras. Marble-looks are particularly trendy in bathrooms. They make them look like am extravagant hotel bathroom or something straight out of a palace.

3. Natural-Stone Looks

Natural stone look tiles - Task Masters

Natural Stone tiles are questionably beautiful. They are classy, popular and available in all hues and styles. Sturdy and resilient, natural stone tiles are eco-friendly making them ideal for homeowners who are concerned about the environment.

Stones looks are extremely popular in kitchens and bathrooms and are in great demand for their natural looks, thus pushing the manufacturers to go beyond and offer beautifully convincing stone looks in slate, marble, limestone, travertine and more.

We would suggest you to sticking to marble, limestone or slate for their clean and elegant looks.

4. Concrete-Look Tile Flooring

Concrete tiles flooring - Task Masters Dubai

If you have seen some drop dead gorgeous patterned tiles on the Internet lately, chances are they are concrete-look tiles! It’s hard to beat the sublime look of a concrete tile and the stunning new porcelain collections emerging are as remarkable as they are authentic.

Concrete looks are really making their way into the interior design. Concrete tiles, concrete countertops and what not! This modern industrial look is in!

Full of distinctive tones and markings, concrete tiles radiate irresistible style and cool edgy intent. Demonstrating the perfect balance between timeless and modern design, concrete-look tiles can be definitely one of the best design choices.

5. Fabric-Look Tile Designs

Fabric Look tiles - Task Masters Dubai

A fresh unique design style that is receiving rave reviews from homeowners and business-owners is installing fabric-look tiles instead of traditional floor coverings. This alternative to carpeting and stone flooring is being used in homes and offices because of its flexibility and easy maintenance. It offers soft texture and is available in a number of unique, timeless patterns and designs for all room types.

Silk fabric looks offers a rich, luxurious feel as compared to marble- it’s a totally different aesthetic that shouts both wealth and elegance.

6. Metallic-Look Tiles Design

Metallic Look Design Tile - Task Masters, Dubai

Add some shimmer and sparkle to your home with the charming collection of metallic tiles. From metros to medleys, in enchanting copper, silver and golden hues, this collection has everything you need to create a metallic look in your interiors.

Metallic tiles stand out by creating looks that had previously been impossible. Keep your eye out for these metallic looks; there are many designs that are already prominent!


These were some of the top tile trends that are surely going to rule 2019! For any further consultation or tile and marble related services such as installing, fixing and implementation, contact us at Task Masters.


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